Fjällräven have more than 500 products in their range, so sometimes it can be a little tricky making a decision. Should you buy Keb or Vidda Pro Trousers? A 65 or 75 litre backpack? You want the best gear and garments to suit your needs and those needs can be as diverse as a 10-day trek in the winter wilderness, to a summer day-hike in nice warm conditions. So to make choosing easier, we’ve put the expert knowledge of our designers and field testers into these handy product guides. Before you start reading our guides, you should get to know our different product ranges or ‘families’, as we call them. We have seven of them and they’re all named after different areas in Sweden.

Our Buying Guide:


Our backpacks come in many shapes and sizes, made for different reasons. Here are some tips on choosing your backpack.

Everyday Outdoor

Everyday outdoor for us means versatility. A jacket you can use on your city commute or for a walk in the forest. See our top picks here.


Our vast trekking range offers something for all styles and climates. Designed to be timeless, durable and functional as always.

Our Trekking Styles


Names after the highest mountain in Sweden, our iconic Keb range is an award winning technical trekking family.


Our Abisko range is lightweight and more breathable, ideal for warmer climates and for shorter & faster trekking styles.


Our Singi family is inspired by traditional Scandinavian trekking and features robust workmanship and tried and tested solutions.

Our Outdoor Styles


Övik, named after Fjällräven’s hometown Örnsköldsvik is our family of traditional outdoor favourites.

High Coast

Our High Coast family is modern and stylish whilst still versatile and functional.


Greenland is our 'first family' and features our favourite outdoor material, G-1000 in a range of iconic styles.

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